Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Welcome to our Work Space

We are doing this activity so that you can:
  1. Learn about Web 2.0 tools
  2. Identify uses for the tools in your own teaching/learning

To get started...

1) Watch the presentation on Web 2.0 Tools - you'll need your speakers turned on for some audio towards the end. Make sure you read the text at the bottom of each page and scroll if needed to see all of it.

Click HERE to hear the presentation

2) Return here to our blog to complete the activity... See details below


1) After you have watched the presentation, choose ONE of the Web 2.0 tools you would like to know more about.

2) Do some research on the Web to find educational uses of the tool

3) Post your findings to the comments section of this page (by Wednesday at midnight).
Include in your posting:
  • the tool you chose
  • a brief description of the tool.. A blog is ..., for example
  • 2 URLs for classmates to check out
  • 2 practical uses of the tool in your work/study/teaching, etc.
4) Read the other postings and use what you learn there to solve the following scenario. E-mail your analysis to me at by midnight on Sunday.

Anna teaches college success courses at her college. Her students have to take the class, so they aren't always as enthusiastic as she would like them to be. She is looking for a way to get them more involved and interested in the class. One of the skills they work on is group process - working productively and responsibly in a group setting.

In approx. 500 words, design an activity using one of the Web 2.0 tools that Anna could use with her class to 1) get students motivated, and 2) teach the content she needs to teach about group process.

Describe the activity and your rationale for choosing that tool and activity. Identify possible obstacles and challenges as well and how you would plan ahead to mitigate them.